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Welcome everyone! If you have been here before you may have noticed that we used our blog page to post our recent weddings…however we now have a BRAND NEW WEBSITE dedicated to weddings and engagements which is very exciting 🙂  – please go over and take a look if you have a minute or two… Nia Rose Weddings

As well as weddings, we continue to offer our photographic services for portraits, newborns, events, fashion and pets! People often say that you need to concentrate on just one type of photography to do well – or as least ‘related’ areas such as fashion, editorial and portraits, or just families and babies. Fair enough, we get your point.

But we still say ‘Why?!!!’

Why restrict ourselves to one area of photography? I understand that many potential clients are initially looking for ‘experts’ in one particular field of photography, and they feel they will get the best from them having devoted all of their creative hours to say, New born photography for example. Now please don’t get me wrong, they may be right in thinking that – and there is nothing wrong with wanting to specialise in an area you enjoy and love!!! And it really does take A LOT of skill to get to a certain level with any type of photography (especially New Borns – I’ve tried and I know it will take a while to get to the very high standard I expect of myself!) But it also doesn’t mean that a photographer who shoots weddings won’t be any good at New Borns – they may just have a different take that you love!

Why restrict ourselves when we have so much passion for what we do? We love capturing all kinds of different events and meeting new people. We love getting involved in creative projects! We love trying new things with photography and learning that;

‘You know that cool thing we just did with that wedding picture? – we could use that for a family portrait!’

Why stop doing what you love and having fun with it? To us it just means that we can take experience and skills we have learnt across the board to try and be unique and creative as possible. I think this is what sets apart photographers. You can hire someone who does photography as a job, to earn the money etc, OR you can hire someone who genuinely loves photography, and gets excited about each new job, and makes the effort to listen to each person and understand what they want (that’s us by the way!)

And of course there are 2 of us – that’s double the creativity, double the ideas, double the effort you get from us from start to finish!!! So we are just going to continue doing what we love and that includes lots of different types of photography – Life, Love and Art.

So now the Wedding site is up and ready for you, that means of course we get our blog page on this site back to put whatever we choose on it! And we could start it from our last job (newborn pics). We could, but we’re not going to! We are going to take you on a little trip going a few months back as there are so many things we have been doing which we want to show you in more detail! You have seen in our Event Gallery  Opinaut’s gig pics – but wouldn’t you like to see more of their gigs and a video too? You may have also seen our pictures from African Fashion Week  – BUT don’t you want to see more and hear what it was like there? So forgive us for going back in time a little but we hope you enjoy what we have to offer! We would like the blog to be as interesting as possible so if you have any suggestions or requests please let us know – we love to hear from you!

Maybe you would like to suggest a photography mission for us – go on – we dare you! Lets take it up a notch and have even more fun! See you soon with a new post….

Victoria & Chi

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